how to connect a hose to my outside tap?

Posted 14th May 2016
Sorry for the noob question but I'm really struggling what to do here...I've got an outside tap that doesn't have a screw end.…McA

This is basically how it is. Well my question is how the hell do I attach a hose to it? I bought a hozelock adapter which has a tightening fitting on it but that hasn't worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    plumber needs to change tap
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    I take it that the link is a photo of your tap, if so slide the hose over the stub on the tap, slide a hose clip over the hose and tighten the hose clip so that it secures the hose to the stub on the tap.
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    What you got then? All brass outside taps have a screw end.. If you have a push hose fitting on your current tap then remove to reveal screw thread. You may not have this option as it's a old kitchen sink tap that was fitted.. How annoying.. in which case swap it. Get plumber or do yourself.
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    can the end bit screw off at all?
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    One of these
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    Wow guys. Thanks for the responses. I've actually just checked and the end does in fact screw off. Dammit what an idiot I am haha

    Thanks for the help everyone
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