How to connect laptop to TV?

    What do i need to connect my laptop to my TV so I can watch content from my laptop on the tv?

    Guess its a lead of some sort but no idea what!!

    Thanks x


    hdmi if you have one on the laptop and tv or vga but vga doesn't have sound

    standard vga or dvi lead which will give you picture but sound via the laptop speakers, you will need anohter cable for the sound

    try no nails or rapid grip.


    Or can you connect through wireless to your home network? Sony uses DLNA

    If you have a Plasma ot LCD TV ensure there is a blue socket on the back marked up as VGA or PC, Is so buy a VGA to VGA cable and also a male to male jack plug lead, try ebay for both of these.
    Connect Vga cable to laptop and to back of PC
    Connect jack to eiter headphone socket on laptop
    and other to the jack next to vga connector on TV
    select PC as input on TV and hold down FN button ( function ) on laptop and press one of the Function keys, F1, F2, F3 etc that looks like a comuter next to a screen, usually F5
    thats it

    I use s-video...

    Ancient I know, but we still have only a crt, and luckily my vaio beast has an s-video output

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    Thank everyone
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