How to connect PC sound to TV??

    I'm useless with computers.

    I have my PC hooked up to my TV with a VGA cable, what cable do I need to connect the sound so that it plays through my TV?

    And the cheapest place to get one?

    Cheers guys!!!


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    Off to work in ten, hopefully have a solution when I return about 9/10ish!

    As above ^ depending on how close your puter is to tv, evilbay item number - 260294593224 less than £2,but only 1.2 mts...But that is the lead,I use one myself :thumbsup:


    connect via the svideo lead, that has sound and picture :roll:

    Foosball Chum;3154837

    connect via the svideo lead, that has sound and picture :roll:

    I also use Svideo as it saves a pile of cables

    it depends what connections your tv has surely

    I use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable on mine, came with the TV actually

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    Cheers people, rep added.

    Might consider an S-Video lead if my TV takes it, if not then it's the 3.5mm option.

    You lot rock!!! :-D
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