How to connect phone to old amp for music.

Found 5th Mar
Is it possible to connect my phone to a old surround sound amplifier? My amp is a sony str db930 the inputs are the two phono connectors thanks.
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3.5 mm jack to phono lead like This one
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Or even something like This for bluetooth, the link is an example only i am not recommending any particular make just making you aware of whats out there and you can do your own research
Chromecast audio anotherr option.
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Hopefully OP doesnt have an iphone that lacks all audio connections that arent Apple.
I've got a bluetooth device that I have used to transmit music to my 50+ year old amp, but it was a pain in the backside as I had to use two different apps to get it to work, and I couldn't stream music to it.

I recommend Ding's suggestion of the 3.5mm jack to phono, but could be worth looking to see if you can find a Bluetooth device that also allows streaming.
You need a DAC - google bluetooth DAC. Not sure about your budget but I have an Arcam rBlink bluetooth DAC and it has excellent audio quality.
Usb bluetooth adaptor that will need power from any USB socket. Could use old phone charger or any device near by that has a live USB port. 3.5mm jack to phono and use cd phono in ports. Beam signal from phone to Bluetooth adapter, Pc or tablet to amp via Bluetooth. Total cost £10 I guess..
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Thanks everyone, I'll just go for the cheap lead.
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