How to connect to internet with 3 sim + 02 dongle (urgent help please!!)

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Found 4th Jun 2009
Hi guys i need urgent help, my AOL broadband has been cut off and its not back on for 10 days (long story !) so using a vodafone dongle, i have a unlocked 02 dongle and my free 3 sim has arrived which i ordered the other day.

How can i use my 3 PAYG sim in my 02 dongle, i have no 02 coverage and vodafone is extremely slow, i put the 3 sim in the 02 dongle and its gone blue meaning i can get a good speed but dont know how to set it up

Any help appreciated !


forget the dongle branding and take a look at the 3 website for instrcuctions



Use these settings

APN = 3internet
Access number = *99#
Username = Leave blank
Password = Leave blank


Use these settings APN = 3internetAccess … Use these settings APN = 3internetAccess number = *99#Username = Leave blankPassword = Leave blank

To get to enter these settings click
Tools menu - Profiles - new - new cellular profile - connection settings

Then enter the settings as above don't worry about the Access number the o2 software doesn't ask for it here.

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Thats m8, got it working can whizz around the 3 site for free but the top up section seems to be down so cant add credit to use the internet so will have to try later , its connecting at 1.2mb alot better than the vodafone im using now which is 40 kbps !

Glad I could help. You can still top up online with a voucher.

still waiting for mine to arrive.

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Sorted, thanks for your help guys really appreciate it, went to the shop and got a £15 voucher and using it now.

Now to sort out those AOL muppets out who cut off my internet grrr !

Hope 3 dont get fussy about me using an o2 dongle and cut me off !

I know this topic ended a long time ago but its relevant to me and I need a bit more help if possible.

I have an unlocked O2 broadband dongle but cannot get coverage with O2 in my area I can only get it with 3 so I sent away and got a couple of free sims. Now, my question is, can I just top up these mobile sims and use them for my internet? How much browsing capacity will I get?
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