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    Ive got outstanding orders from account says items posted 31st Oct-havent arrived.
    Ive found an 0845 phone number for them on the site but it says the lines are busy and cuts me off!
    Ive looked and looked for a contact email on there and cant find one--is it me?
    If you can see one please tell me where it it!


    a bit early yet, will probably arrive today. i had an order turn up at 5pm yesterday so the postie is real busy:gift: oops! just noticed it was in oct. definately not good!!

    bit early? he's been waiting a month.. lol

    go to help -

    then i havent received my order...

    Delivery usually takes 3–5 working days (from date of posting), but we need to wait 21 days before being able to investigate this matter further . If you believe your item has been lost, and 21 days have passed, click the 'View order history' button above, select the item and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Try putting in the number in to ]http//ww…php use the search to find alternative number option

    Original Poster

    Thank you--Ive done that and now its says ther was a problem with my order and it wasnt posted!!!!! GGRRRRR

    nice of them to tell you
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