How to convert video cassettes to CD?

Found 26th Dec 2017
Have some old micro video cassettes and would like to transfer the files onto CD so I can view them on my computer. How do people recommend to do this? Cheers!
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Your video should have an a/v output. You can buy a/v to usb cables from amazon. This should convert them from analogue to some digital format, depending on the software used. You can then convert those files to mp3 format for general use. No need for CDs.
If they're Digital hi-8 you can use firewire and a camcorder to transfer them, if analogue you need a camcorder and a video capture card to rip them.
Depends on the interface, if they are a digital format, then transfer by firewire may be supported, in which case, you need a firewire card if your system doesn't already have the capability (pretty cheap from Maplin in PCI or PCI-E…9hh

NB. DO NOT USE a "USB FIREWIRE" - the majority are just passive connection adapters and will harm your computer!
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