how to copyright a song I have wrote ???

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Found 26th Nov 2009
I am about to record some songs of my own, what is the best way to do this ? had a look round but there seems to much info, anyone on here have any ideas


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Yes play to yourself only :thumbsup:

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I have wrote?

or I have written?

my son had to so this and he did the poor mans copyright:

1. Poor man’s copyright- as the name suggest, it is a method of c … 1. Poor man’s copyright- as the name suggest, it is a method of copyrighting a work without paying copyright fees to government agencies. This is done by placing your written song lyrics (in a paper with notes/chords in it) and the raw song recording (it could be in a CD, cassette tape or any tangible recording medium) inside a mail envelope. Then you will go to the post office and mail it to yourself. Why mailing it yourself?It is because, a registered mail envelope from a post office has a stamp/seal on it bearing the date (this date can be acknowledge by law as the date the work has been created)Keep in mind below when doing a poor man’s copyright:a. Do not ever open the envelope.Keep the stamp and seal preserved and intact. It will be used as evidences in claiming your work in case there are copyright related cases in the future.b. Make sure your name is on the envelope, written.c. Keep your envelope in a personal secret place and do not get it lost.The advantages of doing a poor man’s copyright is that it is very cheap (the cost involves only the mailing process). And you can obtain this copyright in a very short time (less than a week) from the time you went to the post office and by the time the post man delivers the envelope to you.

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I have read about the poor mans copyright, but i would rather do it with a registry just dont know how to go about it

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wouldn't want him to pinch it for leona or subo lol

deffo not the post it yourself route, not worth the paper its written on, someone on here will know how to do it, hang in there :santa:
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