how to deal with rust

    Our van just had mot and advisory is rust on front chassis. How do I deal with this it passed for another 12 months now but I want to fix this ASAP


    pva & glitter

    Wire brush and a good quality under body sealent.

    ​​If its a small section try a rust reversal solution. I think one I used a few years ago was 'vatican' or words similar.

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    Not as bad as I thought then some good hard work and elbow grease. I was thinking it's the start of the end for the van had me worried

    Is the chassis a box section, in other words hollow? If so you need to spray something like Waxoyl inside it because anything thats hollow on vehicles usually rusts from the inside out.
    If not then wire brush it to remove any loose, flaky rust then use a chemical rust treatment.

    ^^^ Vactan

    Clean it off then either paint it or give it a good coating of ACF50 every so often.

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    Thank you guys worry over I will get on it ASAP

    AFC50 is amazing stuff! Especially for prevention, but remember rust is like cancer, once you have it it is hard to control and stop it spreading. Clean it, coat it and cover it.

    The cheapest and easiest way to clean off the rust is to mix Acetone with transmission fluid - check on youtube.

    Careful though, the stuff will damage rubber and paint. I used it on my motorbike exhaust pipes and it was a piece of cake! The stuff just rubbed off with a little bit of light scrubbing with a brush.
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