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How to defrost a cheesecake quickly?

Posted 10th Apr 2013
Yes, i know i should have left it out to defrost earlier but i forgot
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in the microwave on defrost!!
Just eat it, it won't do you any harm, just like frozen cake
microwave, just keep checking it regularly to stand a chance at hitting it at the sweet-spot
If it's in a sealed plastic/aluminium tray you can use the water bath method by submerging it near to the rim in tap water. This will help to absorb the heat (cold) from the cheesecake and aid defrosting. It will make a difference if the water is changed often. That said if it's still slightly frozen you wont keel over, I've eaten many a quite frozen cheesecakes.
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Cut it into slices and seperate them and leave it on a plate.
Put it in the airing cupboard.

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Take out of freezer to a warm place. Post your question on hukd, then wait about an hour for a suitable reply. Hey presto - defrosted cake!
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put it on the drainer if it is stainless steel or ceramic. Have as much surface contact as possible, metan and ceramic are good heat conductors.
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