how to dismantle a brick bbq - serious & funny!

    my girlfriend did a search on yahoo last night to find out what tools we need to dismantle the brick bbq in preperation for the decking to go there and one of the results was this!

    made me laugh anyway, never did work out what we needed though



    A big chisel and a lump hammer outta do the job..

    The BBQ lol not you !

    Original Poster

    lol - cool, installing the decking should be entertaining if we're not even sure what we need to dismantle the bbq!

    I might keep one of those bricks handy!

    Is there any sell on value for the bricks or do we just have to freecycle them?


    borrow a sledge hammer if you can. job done in 5 minutes max

    Assuming its not built onto a wall you want to keep like your house lol

    Wooaaaah. Brick injection. sounds painful.
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