How To do a successful swap?

    I have a Nokia N95 and a guy who wants it
    he has offered me a DS-Lite in exchange.

    i am happy to go ahead but we are both in the UK and naturally very cautious

    Whats the best way to proceeed?


    take me for back up

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    no not on here :O

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    black gerbil1;3761313

    take me for back up

    take you for back up ?
    exsqueeze me?

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    ok this is comedic

    Both send your items to someone with high feedback and pay the extra for them to send them on recorded to the other member

    to be honest !

    as he has offered the ds for your phone , id be wanting the ds before i sent it ! also tell him to post it next day delivery !

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    yeah you do have a point.
    I mean on paper it is worth more and I do have maps and stuff on it

    Thing is I paid for what I thought was a ds-lite by paypal 3days ago and she totally ripped me, off never sent it, she already withdrew the funds out of paypal so I have no hope of getting the cash back
    and I am now desperate to get my hands on a ds for my partners xmas present

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    of course?
    indeed that is NOT the case my friend.

    This girl has moved the funds into either her bank account or another paypal account she has. The money is long gone, and she will be having a cash-fat xmas.
    Happened to me before with paypal. someone from the states ripped me off for $500, all paypal could recover was $20 which is all that was left in the account.
    Unless someone is dumb enough to add funds to their paypal, or has the moral goodness to want to pay it back, that is money I will never get back
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