Found 4th Feb 2008
I was on the virgin media website and at the end of the recipe section there's an advert claiming to earn you vast amounts of money for an outlay of £39.99. The website is called They give you no details of how it's actually done - anyone heard of them - shall I spend out £39.99?????

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Good God, NO!

The stance on this type of thing is, if you're asked to pay to make money, leave well alone.

It's up to you of course, but it's not something I would do.

Somehow I doubt that it can be done... but good luck to you if you try. Personally, I'd rather save the £40 for something less nebulous.

Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

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Thanks! The website is full of testimonials etc and it sounds very tempting but they give you no details of how it's done so perhaps a bit fishy. My other half thought that as it was being advertised on virgin it would probably be above board....??:?


Short of renting your house, cupboards and dormant under floorboard space to illegal immigrants or growing cannabis in every bit of soil you can find, most things are either a con or force you to make a moral compromise.

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Cool. Thanks for all that advice! My instinct says NO! Just wondered if any HUKD people had actually shelled out for this or something similar

id do it. then post it on HUKD so we can all laugh at it.

A few years ago, I had lots of money to waste(Sadly no longer the case), so decided to waste it on one of these things, I can't even remember where I saw the advert. Anyway I was sent a pack of photocopied gumph that I was supposed to redistribute etc.

I never bothered with it, but still get loads of junkmail offering me more of the same.

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Okay, YOU do it and I'll laugh with you! Or maybe one of the moderators should do it and check it out on all of our behalfs!:thumbsup:

more than likely a pryimid scam, where that £40 u pay is the money u make, by recruiting others!

They're the ones making the money at home, not you
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