How to edit hosts file in Windows?

    We have a group of web developers that need to be able to spoof websites on a regular basis. They need to be able to edit the local hosts file to add/remove/change entries at will. This is part of their job.

    Our sys-admins have recently grown a new hard-on about not allowing this (removed admin rights). Is there some way to continue to do this? Can some alternate hosts file be specified that they do have rights to edit?


    If they are developers they should be using virtual machines to simulate tests. So they don't break a production machine.

    If they are supposed to be doing it then the sysadmins would allow it, as previously said they should really be doing this on a VM.

    It would be possible to use an NTFS junction pointed to a host file they could edit, but it would require admin rights to implement the junction point in the first place.

    First rule of being a web developer: Know how to google!

    I really don't think anyone here is going to help you hack websites your not supposed too.
    google: Computer Misuse Act.

    This question is all wrong. The web devs should be able to answer this question themselves, and it isn't the sys-admins who get to decide what a company's employees can do. If management says devs need access to Hosts, the admins need to allow it. Kinda makes me wonder what kind of people are being employed here.

    Anyway, the alternative is to use a browser plugin like this one -…in/ . Again though, I'm not sure why the web devs couldn't just get that in the first place.

    There is no alternative for the hosts file. You could set up your own internal DNS server to redirect IP addresses - but you would need Admin privs to change network settings to use it and Admin privs to update it ...

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