How to eject a dvd on a Technika 19" tv/DVD combi

    I have misplaced my instructions manual and can not figure for the life of me how to eject the dvd in my tv.
    There are no buttons around it and cant see anything on the remote.

    Can anyone help please x


    Hi , on my remote the eject button is the top right hand button.

    Hi there

    I thought that most disc players had a little hole in the drawer to allow a manual eject (?)

    It's similar to the way that you eject the sim card holder from an iphone in size and operation

    If you find a 'pinhole' in the drawer, stick a pin or straightened paper clip into it and . . . . voila.

    Hope this helps



    I've got the 22" version & mine has a "dvd eject" button on the remote.
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