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Hi, could someone explain to me how to expire a FST thread of my own?

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When you edit it is there not an end date bit if so put yesterdays date and it should expire, i just cant remember if there is :o)

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When i used to expire a FST thread i would just pm a mod and ask for it to be expired.

go into your thread and just click on expire then a line goes through it done x

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I just tried the date thing on another thread of mine and it didn't work.Ellen i dont think that expires a FST thread.

Give it a try I use it for sale/trade sales and it works fine x


Toasthduk, the expire vote was tweaked recently as a lot of threads across all the forums were being expired in error (often with no malicious intent - mobile browsing was often quoted as the reason in reports).

It should now require 2/3 members to expire a thread, but that may have gone slightly the other way so the developers are currently looking at that, but in the meantime if you click the report icon against any post in the relevant thread or the report link in the main opening post this will send us a thread link and all you need to do is add a simple note such as offer expired, listing now withdrawn etc please expire, and which ever MODs are online at that time can action immediately for you.


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