How to extend a Creative Speaker wire

Found 20th May 2009
I have a 5.1 Creative Speaker system, and would really like to lengthen the wire on it, i would like to know what wire i need to use, my brother had one, but i forgot to take the chance of asking him where he got it from

Any Help?
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Do you mean the phono plug/socket side of the wiring? best bet would be Maplins, have a look on their website.…-10
aye maplins will have extensions, or get a roll of 10m speaker wire from poundland and splice it in
any decent wire will do, get down to maplin they will advise you :thumbsup:
and you can solder, right?
At a push, you can even use sellotape wrapped coathanger wire!

Or just twist and tape.

lol ok, wont sound as good at high volume though

you could also silver tip it but that's probably going to far....
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