How to factory restore a laptop

    As title please.

    I have purchased a dell laptop from my mate and want to restore it to how it was when it first comes out of the box. It is running vista if that makes a difference. I clicked on restore but it says there are no files backed up. Any help would be apreciated.

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    have you looked on dells website, should tell you everything there

    this si for a studio, dont know what you have?…966
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    If thats what the laptop said it's cause you didn't have auto backup on
    You could always reset windows with the disc or hang on go to my computer & see if you have a media partition if so you should be able to reset from that

    Sorry that went around the bush (_;)

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    linkity link

    Cheers, i did see this earlier but when it asked for a password, i cancelled it, i have now re-read it and clicked ok. Its on 15%, so hopefully all will be ok. Cheers guys.
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