How to filter by remaining time on eBay?

Found 14th Jun 2014
Hello I wondered if someone could please help? I had quite a few saved searches on eBay that I set up to filter to only display auction items with a certain time period left eg 24 hours. None of these searches now work. When I go on eBay on my phone or computer I cannot seem to find an option to be able to filter like this anymore. Not sure if it's just me missing it, but any advice people could offer would be appreciated.
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sort order: ending soonest?

Thank you but sorry I meant to say this is no good because I want the sort to be by lowest price including p&p.
then just change the sort order to "price + p&p: lowest first" or is that not showing up?

Thank you but sorry I meant to say this is no good because I want the … Thank you but sorry I meant to say this is no good because I want the sort to be by lowest price including p&p.

You can only sort by either end soonest or lowest price you cant do both at once
Thanks but you used to be able to do both on eBay so it's really annoying that they seem to have removed this feature!
there has never been two level filtering on ebay - never seen the function where you can search by lowest price and ending soonest

In fact that would make no sense because the two criteria are completely different

just do what any normal person does and search by one then the other - simplz !!

Sorry If I'm not being clear. I had searches that I had filtered using the menu on the left had side to select only items that were ending in the next 24 hours. Once I had this list I then sorted the list by price. It is the ability to select items that end in a time period that I can no longer do.
I have never seen that option, but I know what you are talking about. So you only want to see things ending in the next 24 hours listed by price.

To me it makes absolutely no sense why you would want to do this. Imagine three listing for three identical items which are all going to end up at £10. Listing A has 5 min left and is at £7, listing B has 30 min left and is at £5 and listing C has 24 hours left and is at £1. Why would you want C listed first, then B, then A? Yes C is the cheapest now, but you still have to wait 24 hours to see what is going to happen, whilst A and B are both nearing their true end price and will be way way way down your list of things ending in 24 hours.

Why not just limit the items you want into a set range of value, which ebay lets you do on the left hand side and then arrange by time left at the top.

I usually set a range myself, but then have it set by items newly listed with buy it now available and I just sit there and wait for sdome idiot to massivly under value an item and I aim to buy it within a few seconds of the listing starting!:p
just list by price doing it over 24 hours will make no difference to the list it would only make it shorter but in the same order.
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