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Posted 14th Aug 2019
I've seen a number of deals in the freebies section listing free books, so I thought I would write some information on how to find all free books listed on Amazon and also explain a little how to search for specific free books.

Firstly, here is a link to what should be all free books currently on amazon.co.uk:

NOTE: This does not remove some "sponsored" results, Amazon may still list some paid for advertisers.

From this page, you should be able to click on any of the sections in the left hand column to narrow down your results. For example, click on a department to narrow your results to a specific genre, then click on a star rating to further narrow results.

This is fine for most users, so you can stop just there if you want.

Want to get more technical and find specific free books?
Amazon uses what is known as a parameterised URL to direct people to results. A parameterised URL means that the part after amazon.co.uk in your browser bar is used to compose a list of search options (parameters). So in finding which books are free (and which books are kindle books), we have added to the amazon.co.uk url these search parameters:


You don't need to understand this url or even be able to read it. However, if you want to search for a specific subject/author/etc then you can edit this search to add a search option.

Want to search for specific free books?
This is where it gets a little tricky, but it is simple to edit a url and add more options. To search for a specific term, we need to edit the url (by clicking on the browser bar) and adding a new parameter to the beginning of the search (just after /s?). Copy/paste does not always work, so manually edit the url.

This has to be added to the beginning, right after the ? If you want to search for "java" for example (something I've seen recently), add k=java& between the ? and i in the example above.

So go to the url I listed above and click on your browser bar and place the cursor between the ? and i, then add k=java&

Adding "Java" to our URL search would then be (after amazon.co.uk):

This should be clear in which part I've added.

Want to search for more than one word? Just add the two values, with a + between them. So searching for free books on Java and adding HTML to the search means adding k=java+html& between the ? and i:

Want to find free Charles Dickens books? Add the following to amazon.co.uk

So, if you just want free books, you can use the link I've provided and if you want to search for specific authors / subjects, hopefully I've given enough examples on how to edit your search to do that.

A reminder that sponsored results will still show up and some of these will not be free. Also, I've found mixed results with linking / copying and pasting urls, especially with terms I've used before. Amazon sometimes alters results based on cookies/previous searches and then also adds paid books. In that case, open the url I listed in a new window/tab and then edit the url again to add your own search parameter.
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