how to find Correct Size Caddy drive ?

Found 11th Nov 2017

finally I spend money on SSD and bought san disk from Amazon, I got two questions, first how can I find the right size caddy drive to install the second drive, also I don't want to install SSD in place of SATA as I don't have right knowledge is it possible to put SSD in caddy drive and make it primary bootable drive,

Laptop model - Dell Inspiron 15-5567
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Buy something like this click then go in your BIOS to change your boot sequence.
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thanks guys for the effort, I sent email to different sellers just to avoid any problem as I have originallt plan to order from amazon as I have prime it come quick
After you fitted your HDD enclosure into your laptop you can put your optical drive into an external case click and still use it (optional).
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You know it would be very simple just to replace the original drive, it shouldn't require much knowledge. Most laptops are designed so you can easily change the drive.

Both drives are SATA unplug old drive, plug in new drive
I didn't follow and got confuses so order 12.7mm which was the wrong size so 9.5mm actually fitted well, but I have read somewhere DVD SATA connection has limitation in speed so I did try and without proper tools try to open the laptop (it was not so difficult if its simple pull up but anyways without any damage I manage to open it and install the SSD drive and another drive to caddy and really it does make a lot of difference and laptop is pretty fast now
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