How to find dirt cheap PC/LAPTOP

    Im looking for a dirt cheap PC or Laptop, Im no botherd even if it doesnt work (as long as fixing it isent going to cost me anything) ie software problem.

    As long as it can connect to the internet and run MS office, thats all i need. Ive posted on freecycle, ive searched google, EBay and gumtree. What im looking for is some thing like a PC scrapyard or some other place where I can pick up broken or old PCs.

    I need it to experiment with as im good at fixing PCs and want to start doing it as a hobby maybe or start uni and take it up as a career.

    Any one know where?

    Thanks in advance,


    look outside on bin day?
    car boot sale? Got a P3 for a tenner a while back when I needed a torrent box.

    any regular supply of decent 'dirt cheap' laptops etc is likely to have a lot of people happy to take them- and software problems are unlikely to mean the owner dumping it! second hand PCs are difficult as by law they have to be tested hence many charity shops no longer sell electronic equipment.

    Can't believe you've not seen a rubbish old PC for a tenner plus postage on ebay though. Usually thousands of them there.

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    Car boot sale is a good idea! I like the bin day idea too, but dont think my other half will drive me round to look in bins. lol Thanks for the info!

    I suggest looking in the local coup - you never know, may be fixable and may even be net-savvy.

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    Whats the/a coup? :?
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