How to find, listen and delete your Amazon Alexa Command Recordings to increase your privacy

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Posted 19th Feb
When we talk about privacy more and more often the word VPN (Virtual Private Network) comes up. That is a great way to make your data communication private and secure. However, this doesn't really apply to voice control services, if you use any of them.

In this discussion, we take a look at Alexa, and discover what Alexa recorded in the past and sent to Amazon to "Improve Amazon Services and Develop New Features".

Alexa sometimes picks up conversations without even saying the magic word "Alexa!". By this false triggering, Alexa sends the conversation to the processing unit, to Amazon without any notice to the user, which is quite scary.

If you want to find out what Alexa has already sent over, just follow the steps below and you will be able to change the settings in order to increase your privacy, and to not send any recordings to Amazon in the future.

The first step is to open the Amazon Alexa app and tap in the left-top corner to access the menu:
...then , tap on the settings...

...then "Alexa Privacy"

Here you can go into
  • "Review Voice History" where you will see all the recorded conversations - the audio files or
  • "Manage Your Alexa Data" where you can opt out.

Tap there if you wouldn't like to send any more conversations to Amazon.


Please let me know if you found any funny conversations in your app!
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So has thing got anything to do with the programme they aired yesterday on the BBC?
I went through all the history today... literally nothing but void commands or the TV when they say 'Alexa' during adverts.

Literally just people worrying about nothing.
Great..... Listened to the conversations and found out my wife is having an affair with the milkman and my 3 year old listens to the hokey cokey 15 times a day.
Sc4mp019/02/2020 18:06

found out my wife is having an affair with the milkman

Milk & more
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