How to find products only sold by (and not fulfilled by) Amazon?

Posted 3rd Aug 2015
So, there's a load of stuff I could easily get to £50 on Amazon with. Except, I'm having a hard time finding stuff that's actually "sold by" Amazon, rather than "fulfilled by", which doesn't then count for the £10 off £50.

Yes, I've googled it - the answers seem to refer to an option that's no longer available. And yes, I know I can go into every product and look manually, but there has to be a hidden search parameter?!
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the only way I have been doing it is typing in a product which I want and then ticking the Amazon box on the left hand side. I was trying to find stuff only by Amazon too and was having no luck. I'm sure there is an easier way.
As per Raggo_84. Search for the item you want. For example" Joseph Joseph". Then , once you've selected a department on the left ( I.e. " home, or kitchen". On the left further down should be the " seller" options. Click " Amazon" and that will filter it to only Amazon sellers.

TBH I normally look at the Prime eligible first to do a big filter, then the Amazon if I want more detail.

Don't forget to check in the item for " other sellers" on the right as sometimes you will find Amazon paying second place because a merchant pays more to be advertised first seller. :-)
Well that's odd - there it is, now! It wasn't doing that earlier - perhaps I had another option, or there were none available from Amazon itself. It's a shame you have to sort by dept first, but that does seem to work. Thanks, both; I'll give redcastle the point for the tip about "other sellers"
haha I learnt something new too! thanks guys
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