How to fix a wonky bicycle wheel?

Found 22nd Jun 2008
Me and the Mrs both have bikes and we like to go for a cycle.
The other week she fell off hers - no laughing now...ok just a little now the front wheel seems to spin wonky.
I've just tried tighting the spokes but it doesnt seem to make any difference (am I meant to identify a particular one?) anyway hoping someone can help?

Failing that anyone know how much a new 26" wheel is going to cost me?
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just kidding - how about calling a local bicycle shop
Its buckled mate!!! Need a new wheel!!! All my bikes have ended up like this!!! lol :oops:
Lie it down on a flat surface and stand on the rim.

just kidding - how about calling a local bicycle shop


The bike shop near me is closed today and as its nice weather we wanted to go for a cycle this afternoon.

To be honest I think its going to simply be a matter of taking it to them next Saturday and seeing what they can do (repair or replace) but hoping a HUKD'er might come to the rescue with some advice that will solve the problem today
You don't tighten all the spokes, as this will simply keep the buckle.

If the buckle isn't bad, you need a spoke key and then turn the bike upside down, and then see which spokes need tightening to pull the rim back into alignment.
If tightening fails....perhaps there's a carboot on near you. Go along and you may find a wheel!
Thanks to all for help, had a look at her bike and the brake pads are worn as well etc...

Just been in Toys R Us and they had a new full size one for £49.99 so think will go with that option.
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