How to fix/cure Rising Damp ?

    I have an internal soil pipe in the kitchen which had leaked but is now fixed (hopefully).
    The wall in the living room has developed rising damp and the wallpaper is coming away from the wall with a salty residue behind. We have concrete floors.

    What is the best way to fix/cure the problem so that it wont happen again after we re-wallpaper the wall. Is there a way to do-it-yourself with over the counter products.




    well first you need to find how it has become damp so you can stop it reoccuring


    if the leak has been cured first get a dehumidifier to remove as much damp as poss then you will have to treat the walls with Salt Neutraliser if you can find and stop the leak, or the plaster may be too damaged and need replacement

    Its worth getting some anti-damp paint but make sure you've pulled all the moisture out with a dehumiddlyfier first else your just sealing the damp into the wall :thumbsup:

    :thumbsup:You need to paint the wall with a PVA solution, normal PVA thinned with water will stop the damp coming back through the paper, have used this method and it worked a treat.

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    thank you everyone for your input. I will try the PVA option first and see what happens.

    i had damp in a property i let out. You need to get the professionals in, they inject something into the walls at about 3ft high and this sorts the problem out

    Yeah if it's just started recently don't think i'd be going down the "tanking" route
    see if theres another leak maybe the repair to the soil pipe or the plumbers themselves have damaged another pipe, find where it's coming from before you seal it in!
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