how to free up space on d drive? help

    i only have 14mb left on my 2nd hd on my laptop how do i free it up safely??


    Deleting stuff you no longer want is the traditional method here.


    Deleting stuff you no longer want is the traditional method here.


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    yes but on the D drive not the regular drive looks to be windows files i dont want to balls up the os do i

    send files to C drive

    With windows another way to save space is to turn off restore points data on your computer. That is if you have everything running smoothly, It is amazing the space this takes up. This will also be on the same drive as your OS, otherwise do as advised above and delete unnecessary data from the relevant drive

    Right-click the D: drive and select Properties. Then click on Disk Cleanup.

    Do you have another large partitioned drive?

    If so you could maybe shift over your mydocuments folder and maybe the recycle bin. One thing you should definitely look at is seeing what programs you can uninstall, old installs of games and such can build up a fair number of GB's.

    unless they installed/upgraded/made a balls up putting windows onto D: with the c drive being used to boot
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