Posted 26th Sep 2019
Game sharing on PlayStation 4 is a fantastic opportunity for friends and family to save by splitting the cost of games down the middle and make use of the deal prices we already find. For example, a purchase of FIFA 20 would set you back ~£45, game sharing with a friend or family member would halve that cost. It's a simple process and I'll give you a step by step guide for the PS4 below.

A similar method is available for Xbox One. Click here to see that.

PlayStation 4
For the walkthrough of game sharing on a PlayStation 4 console, we'll assume you're at a friends house and you want to play your games library on their console.

Start by logging into your account on your friends PS4 console by using the 'Add User' feature on the PlayStation console. To see this feature, you will need to log out of any accounts currently logged into the system.

Once the new user account has been logged onto the system and the PlayStation Network you need access the settings tab on the consoles main menu, this can be accessed by pressing the Dualshock controllers 'X' button.

Settings menu
On the next screen you will see a list of settings options available to you. Scroll on down to the 'Account Management' option and again press the 'X' button on the Dualshock controller.

The following screen will give you various account management options on the PS4 console, scroll down again until you get to 'Activate as Your Primary PS4' and hit the 'X' button.

Activate as your primary PS4 console
We're now just one step away from access of your friends (or family members) entire PS4 digital library! Once you've jumped onto the 'Activate as Your Primary PS4' screen, simply hit 'Activate' and you're all set and good to go.

Your account is now fully accessible to your friend on their PlayStation 4, allowing you to play all the digital games you own on their console.

Assuming your friend wishes to return the favour, simply follow the above instructions on your console with their account. Now you can both enjoy cheap digital game sharing and enjoy each others PlayStation 4 digital library.

Credit to Digital Trends for the original images.

Please note: Game sharing could possibly be a violation of the PlayStation code of conduct.

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