How to game share on Xbox One between two consoles

Posted 26th Sep
In a similar way to the game sharing that is available on the PlayStation 4 console, Xbox One owners can also gain benefit from sharing their digital libraries with family or close friends on an Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X. Game sharing benefits include not only the availability of each others digital libraries but also the possibility of saving with half price games with split payment for more deals.

The setup method for game sharing on Xbox One is a simple process which I will explain below.

For the benefit of this walkthrough, we are going to assume that you are attempting to add your Xbox Live account to your friends console at their house.

Sign In
To start, you will need to navigate your Xbox home screen to the user menu located on the left of the Xbox tile menu, on the top left hand side you will find the 'Sign In' tab option.

Navigate your controller to '+ Add new' and press 'A' on your Xbox controller. From here you need to sign in with your Microsoft account to add your Xbox profile to your friends Xbox console.

Now you must associate your friend or family member's Xbox console as your 'Home Xbox'. To do this you need to head to the settings section on your Xbox One console and select the 'Personalisation' option before then navigating to the 'My Home Xbox' menu selection.

My Home Xbox
Once in the 'My Home Xbox' menu, simply click the 'Make this my home Xbox' option to register your account to that device.

It's as simple as that. Once completed head on over to the 'My Games and Apps' option on your Xbox One console to see all the games and apps available to you, including your own and your family member or friends content.

Credit to Gotta be Mobile for the images, and please do note that although a grey area. Game sharing on consoles could possibly violate the terms and conditions and/or code of conduct.
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Worth mentioning that you can only do this between two users buddy
Thanks. Didn't realise this was possible. Now to work out a way of stopping my grandson sabotaging my saved games.
Fancy gaming sharing with me @BuzzDuraband ? Bet you've got 100's of games
God bless you Buzz
Glad you put it up, it’s helped a few. But this has been about for years.
DigitalKnight26/09/2019 11:40

Worth mentioning that you can only do this between two users buddy

Also worth mentioning that if you fall out with the other person and they bought the games you will lose access if they delete the connection (regardless whether you paid 50% etc), obvious but painfully overlooked by some
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