How to get a flight upgrade / extra leg-room??

Found 25th Jul 2008
I'm flying to Shanghai from Heathrow via Paris CDG with Air France in early August.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get upgraded? I've had a DVT (blood clot) in the past so would appreciate some extra leg-room if possible. Just wish I could afford the 1st class prices!

Should I call ahead? If so, when? Or just turn up?

Thanks for any help.

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Hey hgc, welcome to hotukdeals.

Im not sure about getting a flight upgrade because you posted this in the wrong section. Don't worry though, I'm sure one of our friendly admins can point you in the right direction and you can get and answer to your question.


Buy some flight socks, and take regular walks.

Welcome to HotUKDeals hgc! I have moved this to the misc forum. Please don't post as a deal unless it is an actual deal. Thanks.


I have received upgrades before by checking in very late, try to check in 10 minutes before closing. Then just be cheeky and ask. Best results come when the flight is fully booked in cattle class. You will need to be well dressed and preferably travelling alone. Business class is the best you can hope for. First class will not be possible.


I thought most paces did an upgarde for a fee of course, who did you book with?


Buy some flight socks, and take regular walks.

I was going to say exactly the same thing!
I am not sure, but perhaps you can see a doctor to have flying socks on a prescription, so it can be cheaper (I am unsure about the Uk and the NHS, but this do works in France).


The days of free upgrades is now long in the distant past. I'd guess the only chance would be if the flight was over booked in economy.

Whatever you do DONT tell them you've had dvt or you will not get an emergency door seat, you have to be fully fit & well to sit there, even if you are they wont let you sit there if you've had an history.

Depends who you are flying with as well-Only ever had one upgrade from BA despite being a serious Frequent flyer although that was to Concord:)
Best bet is to be polite, nicely dressed and ask at the beginning of Check-In.
You will only ever get bumped one class though.

Original Poster

Thanks all - very useful!

Sorry I put it in the wrong place - rookie mistake! :oops:
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