How to get a full bike licence in the UK

    I'm a 19 year old male, passed my driving test last year and now i'm looking to get a 125cc bike.

    I know not alot about bikes or how the test works. Can someone explain how i go about it?

    And as for insurance, 3rd party fire & theft seems quite high on a bike, would 3rd party be ok or not?



    You need to pass your CBT first then you can ride a 125cc bike on the road with L plates (not on motorways though and you can't carry passengers)

    You also have to pass a motorbike theory test before taking the full test by booking it online/calling it up like you do with car driving test.

    You have to go over some basic things with the person who tests you first, how to check oil level etc then he follows you on the roads and makes you get off at some point to see you can do u-turns + emergency stop. Just make sure you are checking your blind spot as often as possible (just before turning etc)

    I passed my car and bike theory test in september 2007 but I had an accident in november 2007. I failed motorbike test in november 2007 (before accident) for the emergency stop, I pressed back brake too hard and skidded for about 2 seconds but corrected myself, still failed.

    THe DVLA website contains the legal info…htm

    and this site contains practical info…720

    Or look in Yellow Pages and contact a local Motorcycle Training School.

    Suzuki showrooms are selling the Yamaha YZF-R125 with a years free insurance

    bke test now effectively in 4 parts
    1) Theory Test
    2) CBT valid for 2 years
    3) Manouvers(ie emergency stop,u-turn,and the like) Done on off road site at test centre
    4)Road Test

    Also you would pass with a restricted license which limits you to a 33bhp bike for 2 years or at 21 you can take a direct acces test to get on a more powerful machine.

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    Didnt think you needed to do a theory test if you'd passed your car theory test?


    Didnt think you needed to do a theory test if you'd passed your car … Didnt think you needed to do a theory test if you'd passed your car theory test?

    You do, although most of the questions are the same there's a few motorbike specific ones in there.

    As mentioned correctly above, you sit your CBT first then your theory test then your full test - as you're under 21 you can't sit your direct access test which means when you pass you'll get a restricted license which lasts for two years. This limits you to 33bhp although you can buy a bigger bike and have it restricted to this level then derestrict later.


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    Ahh i see.

    Thanks alot for the info then guys Will get to work on those theory questions right away

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