How to get a VAT receipt for LG cashback from John Lewis order. LG OLED55E7N/LG OLED65E7V

Posted 29th Dec 2017
If you've received an email from LG stating that your proof of purchase document is insufficient, then here's how to obtain a VAT receipt for your order.

Got to and scroll down to the bottom of the page an click track my order.

Fill in your details.

Then click show VAT receipt.
Download the document, not sure if a screenshot will suffice.
Upload this to LG through the link profiled in the email they sent.

Hope it helps.

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Answered in OP
Thanks for this. I couldn't get it to work, the site asks for an order number but nowhere in my email or the HTML file attached does the magic phrase order number appear. So I tried every combination, contract, Customer Requirement, delivery reference and the big number at the top of my email all with and without leading zeros. Even thought of giving the colour of my pants as I was having a code brown meltdown. I've sent the email in as it's got the vat number on it, fingers crossed.

Good work in finding this tho and persevering with the skinning of lg
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