How to get apps/ themes for hacked ipod touch


    i'm now in the possesion of a jailbroken ipod touch 16gb (1st gen, running 2.2.1 firmware) but I'm rather confused about what the benefits are. I'm totally new to this!

    I can see that it has themes that can now be set and that there is a cydia app that lets you go online and download other apps/themes but these seem very limited. Is there any other way of getting some of the many apps that are available??

    I've also heard you can now download apps to a pc and transfer them to the ipod manually. Is this true, and if so how does anyone know how?

    most of the stuff i have seen on cydia looks a bit cack. Are there any other apps i can put on my ipod touch that are similar to cydia, giving a wider choice of what i can install on it?

    I also have another icon on my ipod called "installer" but this only seems to have a couple of things on it?? There is also what seems to be a NES emulator installed on it with a ROM of a mario clone (not the original mario game), and also an icon for th game 'DOOM'.

    Basically I want to have a proper look at the potential of having a jailbroken ipod before I restore it to the factory settings, but I can't find what i need to do this - an idiots guide of how to make the most of it!! The only sites i've gone on seem to assume that I know exactly what to do with regards to install apps and themes etc.

    Can anyone advise on any of the points above!?!


    for me the best part of being jailbroke is that you can aquire a modified mobileinstallation file, which lets you play cracked apps. I've yet to find an app i would have been happy paying for though.

    Also theres a few decent apps, TuneWiki is one of those which i quite like.

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    Also theres a few decent apps, TuneWiki is one of those which i quite … Also theres a few decent apps, TuneWiki is one of those which i quite like.

    whats that then? and where do you get apps like this from?!?


    mate - i am haveing the same problem
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