How to get best deal on sky fibre etc?

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Found 11th Sep 2016
Hi, I want to try and get sky fibre, phone etc for half price plus try for the £50 account credit that people say they get. I just don't know what to do, do I get them to just cancel the fibre, phone line etc if they don't give a good offer or do I sign up with someone else and before it goes ahead sky will offer me a good deal then? if that's the case do i have to cancel the new provider before it goes ahead? would like some advice on this please.

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Good luck, I did have a good deal, but when I tried they would rather loose me as a 15 year customer than give me a better deal as you say above, Needless to say I left

I've been with Sky for almost 10 years. I don't have fibre but I tried to cancel all sky package (broadband, phone line and TV) today. What they offered me wasn't good enough. They cancelled it straight away and I got a refund for the rest of the month. So I didn't have a chance of waiting for a better deal before cancellation. Don't sign up for anything until you have cancelled sky. You could be paying for both or have to pay cancellation fees.
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I did get a good deal yesterday for my sky tv as I cancelled and waited about a hour and got a 60% off and £50 credit plus upgraded to sky Q multiscreen got them down to £27 odd so very happy with that. They couldn't deal with the fibre etc as I have to phone another number, i'm paying £47 just for the fibre, line and call package. Do I get them to cut the phone line off or tell them i'm signing up with someone else as don't want to mess it up.

Interesting... When you say you waited about a hour after you had cancelled, did they ring you, you called back or it was available online in your account?

TV, fibre and line can be dealt separately.. It shouldn't affect your TV deal. You could try first telling them you're singing up with someone else (they'll ask for details) if the don't fall for it just go ahead and cancel phone line
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I had a good deal last year - they wouldn't match it this year so I cancelled and they didn't even try to stop me! I was with them 17 years

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When I cancelled sky tv on live chat I then was looking on here and someone said about checking on the sky box and in the account bit it had 60% off if I come back to them, so I went back on sky chat and told them and asked if I could also get £50 credit and he said yes lol, the £50 helped pay towards the £60 install of sky Q. I will tell them today I will be signing up to bt, plusnet or talktalk and see what happens, I just don't like the activation fees of the other providers to install fibre.
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