How to get best picture from xbox 360

    As above, I don't have a HD tv, so I'm looking at either a scart or composite connection - which is the best to use?


    You'll be needing the advanced scart cable, you can get the official one for £17.98 or an unofficial one like this 4gamers branded one for £14.98 which has other output options like s-video.
    [SIZE=2]Basically, composite cables provide the lowest quality going. These are the yellow/red/white cables you prob got with your xbox. The advanced scart outputs the video seperately via red/green/blue (RGB) and thus provide a clearer, superior picture. You might also wanna check that your TV has RGB enabled scart sockets[/SIZE]

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    OK thanks for that, how can I check if my TV supports RGB scart sockets?

    whats the make and model of your tv and we'll have a look....
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