Hi everyone

    I've managed to get myself a Garmin 300 sat nav which is brilliant, however it didnt come with European maps? :-(

    I have checked on the Garmin website and they are very expensive to download, hence that idea has gone out the window.

    A friend of mine says its possible to download the maps from mininova, but i'm worried firstly if this is possible and will it damage my sat nav? Has anyone tried this or has any ideas of how i can get the maps?

    any help is greatly appreciated.



    What maps did it come with?

    Original Poster

    it came with uk and ireland only.

    Admittedly i wont be using the European maps much, however i'm off to spain on tuesday next week and need to locate a villa in Estepona??

    Knowing me i'll end up in Barcelona :oops:

    if you got it brand new in last few months you can get new europe 2008 map update dvd free from garmin

    I don't think the free update DVD only applies to the version you originally purchased. So if you purchased the UK/Ireland version, you get a free UK/Ireland update and if you bought a UK/Europe version then you get the free Europe update etc. I may be wrong but that is my understanding of it??

    I like a few on here, picked up the 300 from Asda for £98.99 in June 2007.
    Of course now, it's coming up saying maps are out of date, they are V9, and recent ones were released in March are 2008.
    Spent about 30 mins onto Garmin on friday and they're having none of it. No more are you entitled to map updates for free in your 1st year, like i did when i had the i3.
    Aside from paying approx £50 for updates via Garmin or another site i found on friday, you cannot i'm afraid

    Edit: and it's no use ringing saying you only bought it recently if you didn't, since they have on their system, (and i know cos when i registered i saw it myself), the date the 1st time the unit got satellite lock so not even worth telling porkies
    I will say mind, the updates were March so anyone who bought post March who has V9 and a recent has a good chance of the updates for free
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