How to get free delivery from Scan.

Found 9th Oct 2013
With all the cracking graphics card deals of late i thought it was time to show those who don't qualify at the minute how to finally get the free delivery from Scan.

Me personally i have free delivery from Hexus and its a £20 spend without VAT so you usually have to spend around £24 i don't know if this is still the case it may be more now as ive had free delivery for 6 years or more.

To use the Hexus route follow this link you will need 20 posts to get this up and running but their is a lower threshold for free next day delivery of £20 excluding VAT


The other route is through the AV forums To qualify for free delivery, there is a minimum order value of £50 excluding VAT. I personally haven't used the AV forums but it seems a easier method as i don't think you need to make post to get delivery Sign up here then the page should change when logged in to allow you to complete the process if you qualify.

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thanks for sharing, I've just moved this to misc as its not really a deal.

thanks for sharing, I've just moved this to misc as its not really a deal.

It is really as the free delivery allows members to save a lot of money especially with all the graphics cards at cheap prices at the minute and putting it in misc will not highlight the process for people who are thinking of buying to get the free delivery as not everyone checks the Misc section.
Thanks soooooo much for this post mate, this will save me a tenner everytime I shop here. Love it, cheers!
thanks now there's going to be a load of free-loaders signing up. get the post requirement setup to 100 posts
I went the old fashioned route, found out who ran the company, kidnapped their chihuahua and held him ransom for free delivery. The cops nabbed me at the drop in the park and I did a little time but it's still a good option. My next attempt was much better but there is a court case pending and I'm not allowed to talk about it.
superb.. thanks

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