Found 28th Apr 2008
Bob and Tom fancy a few pints, but can only raise a couple of quid,
so Bob goes into a shop and buys a large sausage.
"are you crazy", "now we dont have any money" says tom.
"dont worry" says bob grinning
they go into the pub and order two pints, before the barman has time to ask
for the money the pair down their drinks.
Then...."ok " bob says to tom, "i'll stick the sausage out through my flies and
you get on your knees and put it in your mouth"
Tom does this, the bar man gets angry and throws them both out.
The men continue like this in pub after pub, getting drunk for free.
After the 8 th bar Tom says "thats enough im drunk and my knees are sore"
"What about me "Bob replies,
" i lost the sausage ages ago"





ha ha ha good one


its a bit gay

yeah gooooooooooooooooooooood :thumbsup:

rofl. funny stuff
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