how to get internet free or low cost?

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Found 18th Apr 2010
hi people ive got a netbook and i got to coast alot
i want internet when im there but is there away i can get it free?
im thinking if i had one of then dongle and put my o2 sim in which had unlimted net if it work?
is there away of getting round it?


dongles are relativley cheap however they are slow i get 15Gb from 3 for £15 dunno if they still do it? can go on through quidco i think dont quiote me on it, and get aq nice bit o cash back?>

if you are willing to share your internet at home you can look at this

Its basically you share your internet at home and in turn get free internet anywhere in world provided that they have a member in the area you are visiting.

BT has also joined up with FON to provide this service, more info

If your netbook has WIFI then all you have to do is visit the places which have FREE WIFI ......
Lots of Cafes along the seafront in Brighton have it as well.



if you put your o2 sim in a dongle sooner or later they will switch off your unlimited internet as you can download a lot more data with a dongle than you can with your phone, a lot of people on here have had the o2 iphone sim in a dongle and when they realise it's not in a phone which they can tell by the imei i think they switch it off,:oops:
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