How to get my Iphone 3g unlocked legally with 02?


I am tyring to get my iphone 3g unlocked from 02 but am unsure how, i dont want to jailbreak it but i have heard that you can send a request to 02 for them to unlock it for you?
I was just wondering how you did this and if there was anything that i needed to do?




Pay monthly is free, PAYG is £15

+1 did mine and it was done within 24rs

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Pay monthly is free, PAYG is £15

cheers what would happen if i had 8.50 on my sim card left then as it says it costs £15 also i thought if you had spent over £15 on payg with them already it was free?

Thanks Ste

Hi, o2 recently unlocked my Iphone.

You need to complete the following form on the o2 website:-…ing

After 5-7 days (they say up to 2 weeks), you should receive a text on the o2 sim number (it doesn't need to be in the phone) to say the phone has been unlocked. You then need to dock with itunes and the unlock will be activated in the phone.

I think you have to have at least £15 at time of completing the unlocking form, I'm not sure though. Maybe best ringing o2 up.

I just had one done and you have to have the credit or it gets refused. If the sim has not been used before with it you need to make a payable call 24 hours before application

Is that the same process for vodaphone ????
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