How to.......... Get my money off CEX!!!!!

    Sold some stuff to them quite a while ago, and they haven't paid me. I've sent loads of emails, got a reply 'is cheque ok' i replied and no answer or cheque.

    Tried phoning them, nobody ever picks up.
    Total amount is £30, not alot but i am owed it nonetheless.

    Any help would be appreciated.




    sue them in small claims court

    Have you tried posting in the forum? I think its moderated and queries get picked up a lot faster there. At the bottom of the page it tells you which moderators are online as well.


    I've never heard of them but Emailed them just now to ask how often they welch on deals.

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    Reply received, fast too.Thank you for your enquiry,We always pay for … Reply received, fast too.Thank you for your enquiry,We always pay for items sold to us, and this particular incident was a one off occurence.I hope this helps.Regards,RyanWeCare [email protected] them, you can even do it online.strange thing is.....I didn't really identify which case it was ;-)

    thanks emailed them got a reply in 5 minutes. They said they were going to send me a cheque for £40 but, lets wait and see.
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