How to get paint off pvc windows?

    The previous occupents of our house nicely got paint on the windows which are pvc. It is a awful brown colour too. Does anyone have any experience in removing paint from window frames? i am reluctant to use paint stripper and have tried soapy water and turps but to no avail. any help is appreciated.


    you could try using a blade from a Stanly knife scrap it off gently :santa:

    dont think you can use any sort of stripper/cleanser if it is gloss paint

    think the best thing is to try and scrape it off

    emulsion paint will easily come off wth one of those sponge scrubbers

    good luck

    try nail polish remover :thumbsup:

    no idea if it works-but hairspray works on permenant marker pen-might be worth a go?:thumbsup:

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    Thanks for all your comments i will give them a try and report back:-D


    might help if you stated what type of paint!

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    might help if you stated what type of paint!

    well i believe it is emulsion but there is a few diff colours so not quite sure.

    Have you heard of " wonder wipes" these will soften the paint making it easier to come off, Maxwell's stock them.

    wonder wipes and a scraper that uses a stanley blade. that will do the trick ...also a good scourer.

    hard plastic scraper and elbow grease

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