How to get professional help on Samsung s10+ showing moisture detected?

Posted 15th Nov 2019
My s10+ was on charge for 1 hour and I was using it. Next thing I heard was a buzzer and it red "moisture detected take charge off" . I did but wondered why, so i tried another charger but same happened.
Samsung asked me to send it and now they have came back as saying liquid damaged so they refuse to repair it! I've been very emotional about the outcome. Neither was my USB wet nor the phone. Advisor said it could be condensation but room was warm. After paying so much I feel so bad now.
Samsung completely ignored my facts and stated its been liquid damage and yes I understand what liquid damage is but this wasn't liquid damaged so where do I stand now??? I said I want to leave a complaint then she replied I am also a complaint advisor so straight away she refused any outcome.
Upon researching there's loads on online stuff regarding this moisture detected buzzer going off randomly. I didn't even charge it any further to cause it more damage.
Please anyone with experience help me, I'm so upset atm. Legal action will cost me £100s
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