how to get refund from cex

Found 22nd Sep 2010
they sold me a faulty wii i sent it back they recived it 2 weeks ago i keep emailing them and all they say is your reund will be processed as soon as possible

the weird thing is i sent them a copy of my postal receipt and they sent me a cheque they have managed to send me a cheque for the postage but wont give a refund for the item iv opened a dispute in paypal anything else i can do
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Should be fine going through paypal, you entered into a contract for a working wii, it didn't work. You sent it back with proof of postage and they have acknoledged receiving it, that should be enough for Paypal to go by.
Open a Paypal dispute, that will give them a kick up the butt and hopefully get them to sort your refund out soon. Failing that, Paypal should award in your favour and refund you themselves
i got a dispute at the moment should i turn it into a claim
i would ! if you've already asked them for a refund and still dont have one !
Yes, definitely proceed it to a claim with Paypal. They did a similar thing with me, I sent the item back and after 7 days of playing e-mail ping pong with them I just opened a Paypal dispute, escalated it to a claim and they refunded me within 48 hours. Now why they couldn’t just do that in the first place I don’t know. Their “customer service” is appalling.
errrrr..... never buy mobile /wii /ps3 from CEX ...............its like getting it from a car bootsale.
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