How to get sound from xbox to monitor?

    Have put an xbox 360 in my office but am struggling to get sound. The monitor has dvi and vga inputs, plus a green audio in. I connect the console with an hdmi to dvi cable, so no sound obv. Any way of connecting it, or to the 2.1 speaker system I use in there for my pc (preferably)

    Thanks in advance


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    Anybody able to help?

    I run my 360 through external 2.1 speakers using VGA.

    I use the official Microsoft VGA cable and that goes into the back of the monitor and the 360. Also on the cable is the audio (red and white). I use the small converter to make the red and white into a single cable and connect the green one from my speaker to that.

    Make sense? If you've got the MS VGA cable, it should be clear where it all goes. I'll try help more if that doesnt help.
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