how to get the best new phone contract

    My current contract with orange expires on 13th septermber so i have under 2 months left, i am due an upgrade. i am wondering how to get the best deal either through orange as an upgrade or a new contract with an other newtork. Also whats the best i can expect, all im looking for is 500 mins and 500 texts? any advice



    How much is your monthly spend? this will be the bargaining point when you come to get a better deal.

    But look on for a deal then phone to cancel your contract and get them to match

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    thanks for the quick reply!
    even though i still have 2 months left can i still ask to cancel my contract for when it runs out. in effect giving them 2 months notice. do i still asked to be put though to disconnections, who i belive have the most power to offer good deals. my spend is normally around 30, sometimes rising to 35. do i have more bargaining power if i wait until my contract is actually up


    Nah I would act as soon as you can

    If you log on to the Orange website under your number, it will tell you there if you are due an upgrade. But yes I would ask for disconnections/cancellations, etc.

    I would check out [url][/url] as they seem to have some great deals at the moment, and Orange will match any price/phone that you like the look of

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    you are legendary with your response time and level of help. rep added. my local 3 store advertised an n95 (not 8gb black though) with 500 mins and unliimited texts for £25 per month which i may use as a bargaining tool. its time to get busy and try to get to the level of deals that some people on the mse orange retention boards are having. some of their deals are just unbelievibale, thank you!

    If you do wait until youre contract is up and contact orange to tell them that you want youre PAC code,they will bend over backwards to keep you,I got a samsung f480 700 mins 500 textsfor £15 a month
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