How to get your photos on here

    Wanting to sell lots of things on here..currently a few wii games. I followed the instructions on how to get the photo on but all i get is a little photo on the right of the deal.i will hopefully be putting some clothes on in next few weeks and would like big pictures like i have seen on other peoples.
    I am using photobucket. Does anyone know what i might be doing wrong. It also only lets me put one pic on.
    I want to get my pics big not just on the right of the deal. Anyone had this problem?


    u need to post the image link from photo bucket ect in the message box


    use the bottom link, the image url and paste into post, they wont be clickable in 2st post, so add to second post, always reserve posts straight away to edit to add pics, you can add 5 pics per post

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    Got it i followed instructioins but that was for submitting pic when posting deal...
    thanks....might just have a go to stick a photo in now....…jpg

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    Boo...wanted the photo to come up will keep trying.

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    Bloody boo this time....I hate takiing photos as well.

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    Wow...brilliant...thanks sorted it now...thanks everyone...not sure it needs to be so large but at least its there.
    Thanks. Learning more on this site everyday.
    Best site ever.

    Repped you all,thanks
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