How to go about haggling with T-Mobile for Blackberry Bold

    Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can help me..I've been with T-mobile for 6 years on a crappy tariff, 750 minutes to t-mobile and landline after 7pm for about £15 per month..I hardly ever use of any of these minutes, in my time with T-mobile I have only ever upgraded my handset once.

    ok, today I decided I need something better much better, my requirements:

    Free Blackberry Bold
    Mobile Internet
    Blackberry email service
    At least 300 minutes..

    So I call up T-Mobile and spoke to them about my requirements, the lady claims that the cheapest she could offer in order to get the free Blackberry and Internet with email service was £40 per month on 24 month contract for 800 minutes.

    I explained that I have been with T-Mobile for so long and had one ever received one upgrade and surely this could be put into conisderation for the offer...I said that Vodafone were offering this for £30 per month...(Vodafone only offer 300 minutes though which is fine for me). The lady said she has taken my customer loyality into account and £40 is the cheapest. I thanked her and said I haven't decided.

    I have just checked the T-Mobile website and have found out that this "deal" she was offering me isn't a deal at is there in the website available for new customers...why did she give me this deal BS...made me kinda annoyed..

    Any ideas as to how I should go about this..should I leave or threaten to leave, maybe explain to them that is £40 per month thing wasn't even a deal as it's available for new customers, is this how they treat customer shocks me!!!

    Sorry if this is a bit long

    Any help/advice is appreaciated...



    You only get an 'upgrade' when your renew your contract so thus its been your prerogative not to do that. It isnt really BS as it is a deal, whether its open to new customers as well is regardless, however i can understand your frustration.

    I got offered the BB Bold on what seems a similar deal but only on a 18month contract and this was several months ago now! Just say that your going to leave unless they can offer anything better as you can get the contract for £10 cheaper a month elsewhere, if they dont want your service move to another provider!


    good luck, t mobile arent good at offering anythig more than you can get with a new contract as a new customer, best thing to do is find the cheapest place and check out cashback sites, or play one shop off against another


    go elsewhere


    What you should do (and it sounds like you've already done part of it) is check other providers to find out what they're offering for the phone you want. Then, phone T-Mobile, ask what their best offer is (it might change if you phone again and get a different person), if it's worse than what other providers are offering, ask if they can beat it. If they say no, tell them you want to cancel your contract. But, be prepared to go through with it, don't be put off by them. You'll probably be put through to a "disconnection" department (most providers know this as retentions). The person you speak to here is generally the person whose job it is to keep you as a customer, they've got more power to offer better discounts etc. Hopefully, they should be able to offer you something closer to what you'd like.

    This isn't a foolproof thing, they may not offer you what you want. But, if they can't just be firm and tell them you want to leave, and sign up with another provider on a better deal. You can't lose really (remember to ask for your PAC code if you want to keep your existing number...).

    Just ask for your pac code then they'll start begging you to stay.
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