How to hide TV cables in a cavity wall?

Found 13th Jul 2016
My aerial socket is currently at the bottom of the wall, I was looking to move this behind the TV mounted on the wall to avoid wires being visible.

I'm guessing that if I try to feed the cable up the wall I will hit joists. Does anybody know the best way around this with minimal mess?
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An easy way would be to fit a wall box and face plate the run the cable up some conduit. Which you can paint whatever colour the wall is. If it is cavity wall (brick) there may not be joists however there could be electrical wires. If not drill a hole where you want the cable and enlarge the hole where the cable comes out. Then feed some strong string or piano wire etc from the top hole to the bottom hole. Securely Tie the cable to the wire and pull it up. Then fill the bottom hole.
use a nail detector to find the nails,the struts will be a uniform distance apart,cut a hole behind tv,that can be tidied with a face plate etc and one near the socket,run your cable that way-yputube it,looks great if it's done tidy,depending on the structure of you're wall you can also run cable from the loft of you need to.
oh and be aware that you will have cable in the wall already so unless you are sure where all power is run I'd run trunking up the wall
You could get 2x2 running parallel to each other from the bottom of tv to the bottom of the wall then get mdf and screw to the wall so it's raised up a bit.

paint or paper mdf. it looks nice and is cheap too.
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