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how to I blur some information ?

Posted 14th May 2014
I need to email my bank statement to prove some money was taken from my account , how do I blur or cross out all the information that isn't needed ?
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edit it in paint or adobe?

edit it in paint or adobe?

I wouldn't have a clue , I need an idiots guide
worse case scenario - print out, obscure wiyh sticker etc. photograph and email off.
Take a screenshot of the statement (I gather it's an online statement) and open Paint. Press Ctrl + V and the picture will be pasted into Paint. Use the tools on the top to scribble out whatever you want and then when you're done, save the image.
If your not comfortable with paint packages then just do as above, cover up the parts that you don't want them to see with some paper cut down to little strips to fit the size you want to cover, and use a little slither of clear tape, or even a little blue tack behind each corner to stick the strips in place.

Then scan or take a photo of it that way.
thank you all for your advice , i did opt for the print option and scan back in with bits covered , thank you again
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